Thursday, November 6, 2008


I've been extremely behind in school
i really need to step things up
and study my butt off

i learn a lot each day about life
people who we think know us the most
actually don't ha ha
its funny how people think
they know who we are
when no one does
i mean we cant understand
how people think
some people don't even know themselves
so i don't think people can argue
with people and say they are a certain way
because everyone sees things differently
we are all unique in our own ways

and we can not understand others actions completely
since we do not know what is going on in their mind

i also think in high school
it is extremely hard to trust others
since we are all changing so much
some days i trust everyone like im kindergarten
other days i hate the world
i know its not right
but im trying to change that
i cant do it on my own either

maybe i should read the bible more
about love i wonder how God can love everyone
even though we are all so unworthy
evil childreeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnn

yeaaaaaaaaaaah boyyyyyyyy!!!!1

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


well now im trying not care as much for some things
i know that ill probally never get over some things
but ill try to use them as memories to learn from
Maybe im just too sensitive
and i know i complain about life
HUman beings love to complain about everything
we complain that our lives are too boring and that our lives are to complex
when things are set out in front of you in a perfect safe path
we complain that its to boring and nothing amazing happens
but when we go on a dangerous path we complain that it is too hard
we never are satisfied with out lives

When we find someone to fall for
we automaticaly think it is love it may be the case
but usually its just love
and love is really difficult too
it could be our perfect souldmate in front of us but
not the right time to be with them
or it could be someone who isnt right for us in the long run
but they are there at the right time

our hearts dont always act right either
maybe thats why the heart is on the left side
We always wish that we could know how things turn out
but if we did im sure we would be extremly bored
People change the future everyday
because peoples minds are always changing
our spirit may not change
but we are always growing in many ways